The Best of Ottalini Bonus!

In 1992, Dave Ottalini published so much great /// content in the WAP Journal, they needed an extra disk to hold it all!

This PDF is the extracted text of files on disks included in the Washington Apple Pi’s Apple /// public domain collection, specifically APPLE-3-WAP-wap-08a and -08b. They are available on the WAP Apple /// DVD, or at your favorite file repository.  Or you can grab them below.

Note: These disks also include a couple of programs for the Apple ///, so you’ll want to grab the disk images too!

Here’s the table of contents:

Articles (1992)

  • Mainframe Batch Printing on the Apple ///
  • LaserJets and legal terms: The Apple /// at work
  • IBM: Should You Make the Switch?
  • Updating the Pascal MENU.MAKER Program
  • Apple /// Systems
  • On Disk Drives and Apples
  • Dealing with Driver Space Limitations
  • An Open Letter to John C. Dvorak
  • Apple Hardware Lubrication
  • Designer Disks for the Apple ///
  • Some Tricks of the Trade
  • New SARA Adventures
  • SOS vs. MS DOS
  • A Brief Review of StemWriter
  • The Apple StyleWriter and the ///
  • The Apple /// System Configuration Program (SCP)
  • Little-Known Utilities for the System Utilities
  • Apple // Family Used Computer Guide (May Prices)
  • Apple // Family Used Computer Guide (July Prices)


  • /// SIG PD Library additions by various months in 1992

Download the PDF and disk images here:

The Best of Ottalini Bonus!