Episode 11: Fort Stanford, b/w Phase III: Dr. Melvin Astrahan

We’re back for Episode 11. This time, we talk about really very small advances in booting a /// from a flash drive, the Cursor /// joystick and the history of The Keyboard Company, and a visit to the Stanford archives of Apple materials to get the real scoop on EMI/RFI emissions and the timeline of the /// plus. After that, another talk from the 1987 Phase III conference, this one by Dr. Melvin Astrahan, author of Draw On /// and the Mr. Sandman game, talking about the graphical abilities of the Apple ///.

The trip to the Stanford archives yielded two interesting Apple ///-related documents. More about these on apple2scans.net (link will be retroactively inserted here when it’s ready over there), but here are the documents themselves:

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3 thoughts on “Episode 11: Fort Stanford, b/w Phase III: Dr. Melvin Astrahan”

  1. Great episode! Have you considered doing follow-up interviews with some of the Phase III speakers, sort of a “Where are they now?”

    1. Hi, thanks. Yes, definitely. We’ve talked with Bob Consorti (episode 8), but we’re quite interested in talking with others and we’ve been in contact with a couple of people, though getting things lined up is somewhat challenging. But it’s definitely something we’d love to do!

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