Episode 19: May Wait No August

As August 2017 draws to a close, here is an episode we recorded in May with a lead-in we recorded earlier in August. It’s been a busy summer. Topics include: Martin Haye’s Satan Mode disk, Reactive Micro’s universal power supply, Paul Rickards’ WiFi232, Big Mess o’ Wires’ Floppy Emu, John Morris’ Applesauce, Great Plains Hardisk Accounting.

Here are some of the links that relate to the stuff we talked about.

Cult of Mac article: Today in History, Apple Introduces the Doomed Apple ///.

Martin Haye’s HackFest 2017 entry (“Satan mode” boot disk)

Reactive Micro’s universal power supply kit for Apple ///

Paul Rickards’ WiFi232

Nishida Radio’s UNISDISK Air

Toshiba FlashAir WiFi-enabled SD card

FlashAir SD card developers site

Floppy Emu

John Morris’ talk about Applesauce at KansasFest 2017

Apple ///s crunching election data

Open Emulator on Github

Apple Orchard scans on yesterbits.com

  • v5n6 July 1984 (last Paul’s ever laid eyes on) will be there (and on archive.org) shortly.

Great Plains Hardisk Accounting and related links

[A couple of these links are I.O.U.s, like the Apple Orchard and Hardisk Accounting links, which will come later, but we just wanted to get this episode finally posted.]