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The Best of Ottalini #9

This PDF is the extracted text of files on disks included in the Washington Apple Pi’s Apple /// public domain collection, specifically APPLE-3-WAP-wap-10a and -10b. They are available on the WAP Apple /// DVD, or at your favorite file repository.  Or you can grab them below.

These are Dave Ottalini’s best Apple /// newsletters and articles from 1994, as selected by WAP.  Here’s the table of contents:

On the Trail of the Apple /// Newsletters

  • JANUARY 1994: BOS3; TCS; Paul Campbell News
  • FEBRUARY 1994: Garage Sale; DAR
  • APRIL 1994: SIG Meeting; DARing Along
  •  MAY 1994: ///ers From the Past; Detroit Doings; Word Juggler
  •  JULY: Apple /// emulation on a MAC; Software Development Fund
  • SEPTEMBER: A visitor from Japan; Com Manager Update; Internet Qs
  •  OCTOBER: Bob Consorti Projects; Parallel Printers; On Lamp Repairs
  •  NOVEMBER: The WAP Move; Linders Keeps Dave Honest; Where Do I Find… ?
  •  DECEMBER: Happy Holidays; Software Development Project; ///’s Co. WAP
  • PD.LIBRARY: /// SIG PD Library additions for January and May

Other Articles

  • ProFile of a Hard-Learned Lesson
  • Doing a Hard Format on a ProFile
  • Apple /// DISK.ON.OFF Using the Monitor
  • Setting Your Clock on the Apple ///
  • Disk Cleaning and Speed Adjustments
  • How to Align the A143 MicroSci Drive
  • Apple /// to Mac, The Hard Way
  • DAR: Apple /// Disk Archive and Retrieval
  • Q&A Column
  • Apple /// on the Internet: Where the Listserver Is
  • Paul’s News: The Latest Adventures of Co-Chair Paul Campbell

Download the PDF and disk images here:

The Best of Ottalini #9