The Best of Ottalini #8

This PDF is the extracted text of files on disks included in the Washington Apple Pi’s Apple /// public domain collection, specifically APPLE-3-WAP-wap-09a and -09b. They are available on the WAP Apple /// DVD, or at your favorite file repository.  Or you can grab them below.

These are Dave Ottalini’s best Apple /// newsletters and articles from the 1993 issues of the WAP Journal/  Here’s the table of contents:

On the Trail of the Apple /// Newsletters (1993)

  • JANUARY: SuperDrive Driver; Future Apple /// Projects
  • FEBRUARY: Software Development Fund; Paul Campbell; John Lormartine
  • MARCH: Software Development Fund; Printer Problems
  • APRIL: Software Development Fund; Lost Classics Project
  • MAY: Software Development Fund; Apple /// Information
  • JUNE: Software Development Fund; Video Problems; File Transfers
  • JULY: Threes Company BBS; Software Development Fund; ATUNC
  • AUGUST: Software Development Fund; Threes Company BBS; Titan Support
  • SEPTEMBER: Threes Company – WAP; Software Development Fund; ASCIDIF
  • OCTOBER: BOS3; Meeting News; Internet News
  • NOVEMBER: (Updated version of the October newsletter)
  • DECEMBER: BOS3 On Sale Now!; Honor Roll; Apple /// Forever
  • PD.LIBRARY: /// SIG PD Library additions for February through June: TICTOCK clock calibration utility; The Best of Ottalini 1992 disks; /// SIG Member List; Jeppeson Codefile Utility for changing Apple /// filetypes; Apple ///+ / 512K Memory Diagnostics disk; Dr. Al Bloom’s Pascal Utilites; boot disks for the Titan ///+II and ///+//e card sets; SOSTRAN


  • Parallel Printers and the Apple ///
  • ProFile Low Level Formats
  • Micro Courier Tips
  • Miscellaneous Apple /// Software Tips
  • My First Apple
  • File Transfer Between an Apple /// and an MS-DOS Computer
  • An Open Letter to Two Alive Magazine

Download the PDF and disk images here:

The Best of Ottalini #8